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How to Change a Fridge Water Filter

You can figure out how to change your fridge water filter with little to no help. But since I've received at least one phone call this year about how to change a fridge water filter, maybe someone else will also have the same questions.

If you aren't sure what kind of filter to buy, my favorite place to look it up is On their site you can enter your fridge brand and model and it will tell you which filter you should buy for your fridge. However, I never buy the filters on this site. They usually make you buy several filters at once, and they seem to cost a little more than other places. My favorite place to order filters is Amazon. They seem to have good prices on single filters.

Here's the part where I don't have much guidance. The location of the filter varies based on your fridge brand and model. For french door refrigerators the filters are typically in the top right corner. For side-by-side refrigerators they are sometimes located at the very bottom of the freezer (as shown below on my fridge). You can find the specific location and directions for changing your filter on either or the instruction manual for your fridge.

After you change the filter you are supposed to flush the filter with a lot of water. Usually on the filter packaging it will tell you much water to run through the filter before drinking the water. While doing this it is normal for there to be air bubbles in the line, so it might make loud noises as the air is flowing through the line.

My last tip is that most refrigerators ask you to reset the filter manually. Some fridge filter timers are based on time, and some are based on how much water is used. So make sure you reset the filter AFTER you flush the filter.


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