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Dishwasher Maintenance

In 2023, I promised to be better at posting, but then nothing changed. I won't make any promises for 2024, but I'll try to post more often. A lot of my 2024 goals revolve around health and fitness, and I have incorporated a lot of new products and behaviors to my daily routine. I'll have a lot of exciting things to share soon!

To start off 2023, I wanted to share a good maintenance tip for your dishwasher. In the bottom of every dishwasher there is a filter. This should be cleaned out at least every six months in order to keep the dishwasher running smoothly. If you notice that the dishes aren't coming as clean as they used to, or if there is a smell inside the dishwasher that just won't go away, try cleaning out the filter.

Every dishwasher is different, but on most models you simply twist the filter and pull it out to remove it from the dishwasher. Once you remove it you can clean it with water and dish soap. Then, when you're done, you reinsert it and twist to lock it back in place. This is what my filter looked like (I know, it's nasty):

Give it a try and share your pictures! I'm curious if yours is as bad as mine.


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