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Twenty Second Improvements

I seem to to get busier and busier as the years go on. One of the ways I find and make more time for myself is by making Twenty Second Improvements. Throughout my day I constantly look for ways to make small improvements. Which is why they're called Twenty Second Improvements.

These improvements can be something as small as relocating something to a different drawer or cupboard. Or buying multiple of something so that you have what you need at the point of use (see my post on the bathroom Cleaning Caddy). As an example, my latest improvements have been with my morning protein shake.

My protein shake has so many ingredients that it takes a long time to pull everything out each morning, make a shake, and put everything back. So one way I save time is by "meal prepping" my protein shake each weekend. I combine all of the dry ingredients into small Tupperwares so that in the morning before work I don't have to pull out all of the separate bottles.

Then I only have to dump the ingredients into the blender and add almond milk, honey, a banana, and ice. So just a few minutes on the weekend saves me ten times the amount of time during the week. This is the definition of a Twenty Second Improvement.

Shortly after I made this change to my protein shake routine I noticed that I had to take a few extra steps each morning to grab the blender. So I made a Twenty Second Improvement and moved the blender to my pots and pans cupboard, located right below the blender. It seems like a simple change, but it saves a lot of time.

Try and think of ways you can save a lot of time by making small improvements. And send me a note with your ideas!


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